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Nuestra Belleza Clarisa Molina viste un diseño nuestro

Nelson Tavarez

La joven y bella presentadora Dominicana quien forma  parte del elenco de El gordo y la Glaca por Univisión; llevo un vestido de color gris, blanco y negro con forma de contraste y bloqueo, en un material cómodo de algodón de suéter con un zipper atrás. Es un ejemplo de lo que se avesina en las próximas temporadas en las grandes firmas de la moda. Nosotros aquí en Nelson Tavarez mes esforzamos en realizar trabajos duraderos y a la vanguardia 


Clarissa Molina  

The power of color

Nelson Tavarez

The options keep coming, from our latest collection, Final Frontier. A collection that evokes the passion for space travel and questions the role women will play in the future of habitable planets explorations. We as a brand are always ahead of the curve, because we follow our inner voice and visions. Shop our styles today. We also want to inform that we have a selection of styles available in the Etsy Platform for easy shopping accesability. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @nelsontavareznt   



Nelson Tavarez

You guys have to get your T-shirt before the run OUT. We made this limited edition t-shirt collection about space travel and the concept of women leading the way. Just in time for all the space lovers, we have movies out like #hiddenfigures #starwars the return of #alien and many more. Get your T-shirt while supply last.

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Final Frontier, a term notes in a small part of a quote by John F: Kennedy, he called on human kind to reach new frontiers in space, to maybe inhabit. We thought about this and from there we transformed it into the ground inspiration for this collection.

We use dress forms as a way to  empower the role women in the space exploration; and the issue of Inequality; a  real issue today.  Maybe it  starts by the way girls are labeled as weak even in our modern society. Going forward, will we transport our believes? Will woman be equal? With this questions in mind, we are not looking to answer them but to empower women, to dress up and speak up, so that the feeling of independence actually becomes freedom of will that will nurture our new frontiers.