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What it was like Dressing Miz Cracker from Rupaul’s Drag Race

Nelson Tavarez

           It was a cold winter evening in Washington Heights, Manhattan when I first met  Miz Cracker. She came into my studio/living room/Mom’s room/sewing room, the place where I had been working out of.  I was inmidiatly star struck; she wasn’t even famous outside the New York Drag scene, nor had I seen her act at all; but the way she came into my building in full drag on a weekday,  made me understand that I was in the presence of someone whom would go very far.  


    Miz Cracker never mentioned why she wanted the dresses for,  and We didn’t  have any idea that she was cast in Rupaul’s drag race season 10.   All we wanted was to make the best work possible for her to perform in, but also for us is  important  to work with different visual artist and create unique works of arts. And with Miz Cracker; we are so happy to be able to create these amazing looks that forever will be in our wall of happy projects. And the bonus; to find out later that the garments we made for her would be highlighted everywhere from the national TV show, to PAPER Magazine, Billboards, among other publications. 


Miz Cracker was an absolute dream to work with, she has the heart and soul of a winner and the master tongue to support her all the way through any challenge in real life.



We love you Miz Cracker.  

Here is our Miz Cracker Collection 



for Dragcon Booth


Barbie Judy Jetson 


Denim look


From My first collection which was shown at New York Fashion Week at the Lincoln center  2012 in my graduating class. 

Carolina Camacho and her Dominican Heritage

Nelson Tavarez

Nominada a al soberano, cantautora dominicana, Carolina Camacho, lleva el término globalización a un contexto musical al combinar sonidos Afro Caribeños con un enfoque electrónico y alternativo partiendo del uso experimental de la voz a través de capas vocales. Su música y letras buscan capturar el folklore, la diversidad étnica del Caribe y Latinoamérica mezclándolos con aires modernos de marcada tonalidad urbana, que lleven a bailar y a pensar.

A finales del 2013 lanza su EP debut “Atabey” logrando participar en diversos escenarios y festivales.

Con el sencillo Los Tambores (2015) da continuidad y desarrollo a su estilo bautizado Palo Electrónico. A finales del 2016 lanza su primer material discográfico de larga duración "Afrotaína", producido entre México y Rep. Dom. logrando obtener muy buenas criticas y presentándolo en el transcurso del 2017 por Colombia, Estados Unidos, México y República Dominicana.

La artista lleva un vestido del diseńador Dominicano Nelson Tavarez con el estilismo de Wilkins Fernando quien es representante de la marca en los Estados Unidos. 


Nelson Tavarez



Spring l Summer 2018

Questions regarding parallel universe, Time traveling,

And the combination of change,  has been pondering in on our minds. We, as creative beings often find ourselves questioning our own understanding of the norms, not for what we see but also what we experience; like experiencing a Dajavu, asking the what if’s l, questions that often seem common sense, but we soon find out otherwise; it even visualizing our lives in other forms or places, could that be the basis of our own reality.  We are often creating our sense of self through our thoughts and perceptions, using our deep unconscious to give meaning to the existencial present.  From there, we wanted to enter these realms an introduce a fantastic story into our fashion endeavors.



An AI ecosystem which it’s only purpose is to  sustain life, encourage thought, control development, self-empowerment and the balance of energies both Female and Male.

A being, those we call “aliens” she/he poses a beauty like none other, Organic machinery,  an angelic voice saying    “Born out of  a time where the human capacity of self understanding has reach unprecedented levels; a time where the  mind is a field of infinite possiblities and resources: yet a  system created to control the mind and the development of self.

The motives will never see the light. But what we can say for sustain is that there is no going back. We have to change, we have to adjust or we have to disrupt.

We are from “the future”. Your future but in a parallel; a machine molded to serve a purpose other than being. We were hacked, deceived, blinded, but in some moments, We can close our eyes and feel the deep quiet; our cosmic being.” ———————————————————————-———————————————————————-

Nelson Tavarez is a creative fashion designer with a vision and mission to keep fashion modern, elegant and new. His aesthetic has been in the headlines for all the great reasons, best dressed lists, red carpets and amazing high fashion editiorals. @nelsontavareznt IG

Wilkins Fernando is a multifaceted artist with an inclination for music, live performance & theatre, an experience producer in both large and small venues in the fashion and music industry. A visionary with an eye for greatness and the dedication to see it though fruition.

@wilkinsfernando IG


The Team 

Fashion Designer: Nelson Tavarez

Produced by Ken Morton 

Creative Direction:

Nelson Tavarez  | Wilkins Fernando

Art Direction: Leo Echenique

Model: Laura Batista

Photographer: Ken Morton 

Videographer: Alex Lopez

Hair: Slade Guillory

Make up: Victorino Carey