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Today in New York. What did Fashion Designer Nelson tavarez make for Criminal-Natti Natasha Ft Ozuna?

Nelson Tavarez

I've had the pleasure to work with Natti Natasha for her collaboration with Daddy Yankee. An amazing video shot mostly outdoors, but with this video the space was limited and closed so I used a bold approach to accomplish the looks. I wanted her character in the video  to feel powerful in the scenes, I love to make women feel empowered and confident. I love making clothes for music videos it's something that allows me to look into a realm of fantasy and creative energy of a group. 

I am currently working on my latest collection, I am so proud of the work I am doing. There are times where we want to quit but we move thru those moments and keep fighting to stay focus in the ultimate goal of making a difference in fashion.  

We are always looking for new opportunities and adventures; to collaborate and make amazing work all over the world. 


 Thanks to Natti Nattasha, Oscar montes are Oca and the Pina Records Family.