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Did Google and Ivyrevel just killed fashion?

Nelson Tavarez

So Google and H&M who is parent company of Ivyrevel just launch the dreadful application that will make even more damage to the already cluttered fashion industry. Many designers for years never took the time to think about their client or women they were dressing. Mostly it was a fantasy of males point of views with a few exceptions.   But all through out you could see the art inspiring fashion and viceversa, but I would like to question the role of a artist in fashion. 


For some the cloths that cover their bodies is not important but for many it represents the them in great detail. Fashion is a point of reference for self, for when you connect a memory to an outfit your emotions are touched in a deeper level.   Though you would not be aware of that because most just want to try to be someone they are not and therefore what is there to remember. 


I hope I can be a fashion designer for a long time but with more technology coming up and redefining my vision don't know how Is that going to happen.  My hope is that this doesn't take off and that more people buy my designs.